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Feel the Heat

Feel the Heat

Summer Anthology

Fourteen steamy stories, including the debut of Ship Wrecked:

Hawaii’s great and all, but the only reason I’m here is so my co-workers can tie me to the sinking ship that is our department. I know how to sell, but it’ll be impossible with the shoddy presentation I’m forced to do.

When in doubt – drink it away!

I’ve never been lucky, have I mentioned that? So of course it’s when I’m knee-deep in hot mess that I meet Mr. Handsome. He throws me a smile, and a line, and my bad mood evaporates like tequila on hot cement. Dream come true, right?

If only.

Instead he breaks my fall with his crotch as I tip off the bar stool. 

Worse still, his buddy is the big shot COO of the account I’m trying to get.

With the odds stacked against me, I’m better off steering clear. I know this.

But oh man, that smile.

This weekend was supposed to be about work. I was supposed to ward off men with my snarly attitude.

But then, who could say no to that smile…  

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Also Available

Forever, Please

Forever, Please

Book 4, The Please Series

The final full length novel in Hunter and Livy’s story!


Will he consent to forever…

I know that he loves me, that’s not the problem. And I know that he’ll be there for me.

But he hasn’t mentioned forever. Not only that, but he refuses to tell his mother.

Some scars run too deep, and this one is the deepest of all.

I have everything on the line. To lose him now would be to lose it all.

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